Price Reports Flowchart

Composite Index

Scrap Prices

Composite Indexes

Track market trends across a wide spectrum of recycling industry sectors, or by specific sector, or track selected benchmark grades.

7 Day, 30 Day, 90 Day, 1 Year & 2 Year Trend Graphs updated daily

Each Composite index tracks a weighted basket of benchmark grades

Includes Daily Spot Market updates/alerts for benchmark grades and additional grades in the benchmark category.

Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

Price Flow Chart

Secondary Commodity Composite Index

Composite Indexes
(by Industry Sector)

Scrap Metal Composite Index
Exotic & Precious Scrap Index
Waste Paper Composite Index
Plastic Recycling Composite Index
Automotive Recycling Composite
Electronics Recycling Composite
Curbside Recycling Composite
Textile Recycling Composite
Waste to Energy Composite
Tire & Rubber Recycling Index
Industrial Mineral Recovery Index

The Resource Conservation Index
Glass Recycling Index

Regional Composites
(by Geographic Market)

Canadian Recycling Composite Index
European Recycling Composite Index
The China Recycling Composite Index
Composite Subscriptions
(by Benchmark Grade)

Scrap Aluminum
Scrap Brass
Scrap Copper
Scrap Lead (Pb)
Stainless Steel Scrap
Scrap Steel
Scrap Tin (Sn)
Scrap Zinc

Scrap Gold
Silver Recovery

Battery Scrap
Catalytic Converters

PET Plastic
HDPE Plastic
PVC Plastic
LDPE Plastic
Polypropylene Plastic
Polystyrene Plastic
Mixed Plastics

Price Flow Chart

Price Flow Chart

Price Flow Chart

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