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Spot Market Price

The Daily Spot Market Price is a homogenized market price that consolidates buying and selling prices for specific defined grades of materials and is calculated from data collected from a network of on-line exchanges. The Spot Market price encompasses goods from various origins and destinations and is grouped into LTL and TL pricing.

LTL vs. TL
Less Than Truck Load and Truck Lot Load

LTL - refers to the over the scale value of miscellaneous quantities of materials. Less than Truck Load quantity refers to weights of less than 40,000 lbs.
TL - refers to sorted and prepared materials, packaged and ready for shipment in typical Truck Load quantity weights.

Funds and Units of Measure

Each price will state a Currency and a Unit of Measure
example : $ 100 USD/MT = one hundred US dollars per Metric Tonne

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