RecycleNet Composite Index
The RecycleNet Composite Index

                  Market Trend Data
                  (Sector Based Composite Indexes)

                  Scrap Metal Composite Index
                  Exotic & Precious Scrap Index
                  Waste Paper Composite Index
                  Plastic Recycling Composite Index
                  Automotive Recycling Composite
                  Electronics Recycling Composite
                  Curbside Recycling Composite
                  Textile Recycling Composite
                  Waste to Energy Composite
                  Tire & Rubber Recycling Index
                  Industrial Mineral Recovery Index

                  (an overview of all 11 sectors)
                  The Secondary Commodity Index

Current Market Price Trends
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Secondary Commodity Composite Index

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RecycleNet Composite Index

The RecycleNet Composite Index was establish as a tool to track market trends for recyclable commodities. The index consists of a weighted basket of recyclable commodities that includes benchmark grades of scrap metals, waste paper, scrap glass and recycled plastic.

The RecycleNet Composite Index is updated each day before noon EST and displays a snapshot of 5 viewpoints of current market trends (a view over the past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 1 year & 2 years

On July 1 2009, The Secondary Commodity Composite Index was launched in an effort to provide a more compehensive view of market trends by tracking eleven distinct industry sectors.

Latter in 2009 we established The Resource Conservation Index to track the trends of Organics Recovery sector, the Waste to Energy sector and the Resource Recovery sector.

Information contained in the The RecycleNet Composite Index, the spot market prices and the historical pricing data is generated from internal proprietary data from The Recycler's Exchange and ROCs Reports and may not reflect external markets or transactions. RecycleNet provides no warranty as to the accuracy, errors or omissions in the information provided, in addition RecycleNet assumes no liability resulting from the use of the information published. It is RecycleNet's intent to publish the pricing information on a regular, timely basis but provides no guarantee as to the schedule.

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