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Historical Market Price Information

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Plastics Recycling (Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Mixed Plastics)
    PolyCarbonate Colored Scrap
    PolyCarbonate Colored Regrind
    Polycarbonate Colored Repro
    PolyCarbonate Clear Scrap
    PolyCarbonate Clear Regrind
    PolyCarbonate Clear Repro
    PCFR Scrap
    PCFR Regrind
    PCFR Repro
    ABS Scrap
    ABS Colored Regrind
    ABS Colored Repro
    ABS Clear Scrap
    ABS Clear Regrind
    ABS Clear Repro
    ABSFR Scrap
    ABSFR Regrind
    ABSFR Repro
    Acrylic Colored Scrap
    Acrylic Colored Regrind
    Acrylic Colored Repro
    Acrylic Clear Scrap
    Acrylic Clear Regrind
    Acrylic Clear Repro
    Acetal Colored Scrap
    Acetal Colored Regrind
    Acetal Colored Repro
    Acetal Clear Scrap
    Acetal Clear Regrind
    Acetal Clear Repro
    Celulosis Acetate
    Cellulosis Butyrate
    Cellulosis Propionate
    ECTFE Scrap
    ECTFE Regrind
    ECTFE Repro
    PTFE Scrap
    PTFE Regrind
    PTFE Repro
    PVDF Scrap
    PVDF Regrind
    PVDF Repro
    PEAK Scrap
    PEAK Regrind
    PEAK Repro
    PEEK Scrap
    PEEK Regrind
    PEEK Repro
    Polyether IMIDE
    Polyphenylene Sulfide
    Liquid Crystal Polymers
    SAN Colored Scrap
    SAN Colored Regrind
    SAN Colored Repro
    SAN Clear Scrap
    SAN Clear Regrind
    SAN Clear Repro
    SMA Colored Scrap
    SMA Colored Regrind
    SMA Colored Repro
    SMA Clear Scrap
    SMA Clear Regrind
    SMA Clear Repro
    SMAFR Scrap
    SMAFR Regrind
    SMAFR Repro
    TPE Olifin Scrap
    TPE Olifin Regrind
    TPE Olifin Repro TPO
    TPE Polyester Scrap TPO
    TPE Polyester Regrind TPO
    TPE Polyester Repro
    TPE Styrene Scrap
    TPE Styrene Regrind
    TPE Styrene Repro
    Scrap Ink Jet Cartridges
    Poly Escrap Loose
    Poly Escrap Baled
    Poly Escrap Mixed Regrind
    Mixed Sortable Plastic Scrap
    Mixed Unsortable Plastic Scrap
    Mixed Plastic Regrinds

Scrap Prices

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Historical Market Price Reports are available for purchase by specific grade of material.

The Historical Price Reports will include a chart for the month(s) detailed daily spot market price, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual graphs (where applicable). The reports, once purchased, can be view online at any time.

Historical Market Price Reports are separate for LTL (Less than Truck Load) and TL (Truck Load) quantities.

Example of Historic Price : Charts & Graphs

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