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Historical Market Price Information

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Aluminum Scrap
    Old Mixed Aluminum Scrap
    Utensil Aluminum Scrap
    Aluminum Turnings
    Aluminum Extrusion Scrap
    Low Copper Aluminum Scrap
    Aluminum Lithograph Sheet Scrap
    Cast Aluminum Scrap
    Clean Painted Aluminum Scrap
    Painted Aluminum Insulated Scrap
    Coated Aluminum Scrap
    Used Beverage Cans (UBC loose)
    Shredded UBC
    Baled UBC
    Briquetted UBC
    New Beverage Can Stock Scrap
    Remelt Aluminum Ingot
    Remelt Aluminum Sows
    Mixed Irony Aluminum Scrap
    Low Grade Irony Aluminum Scrap
    Scrap Auto Transmissions
    Scrap Aluminum Auto Rads
    Insulated Aluminum Wire Scrap
    Aluminum ACSR Cable Scrap
    Bare Aluminum Wire Scrap
    Aluminum Auto Wheel Scrap
    Aluminum Nodules
    Alumifoil Scrap
    Paperbacked Alumifoil Waste
    Aluminum Auto Fragments

Scrap Prices

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Historical Market Price Reports are available for purchase by specific grade of material.

The Historical Price Reports will include a chart for the month(s) detailed daily spot market price, as well as monthly, quarterly and annual graphs (where applicable). The reports, once purchased, can be view online at any time.

Historical Market Price Reports are separate for LTL (Less than Truck Load) and TL (Truck Load) quantities.

Example of Historic Price : Charts & Graphs

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