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Commodity Heartbeat Reports
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Providing commodity price and market trend information for the recycling industry.

Commodity Heartbeat Reports

Commodity Heartbeat Reports have been created as a tool to track the current price and market trends for groupings of secondary commodites.

The Heartbeat Reports are designed to give a snapshot at the end of each trading day for the current spot market and the market trend by specific grade.

The reports are available online with an email alert option and subcriptions are on an annual basis.
Commodity Heartbeat Report Name
(click on individual reports for details)
Scrap Aluminum Heartbeat $399
Scrap Brass & Bronze Heartbeat $399
Scrap Copper Heartbeat $399
Scrap Steel Heartbeat $399
Stainless Steel Scrap Heartbeat $399
Scrap Electronics Heartbeat $399
WTE Waste to Energy Heartbeat $399
Curbside Recycling Heartbeat $399
Auto Wrecking Heartbeat $399
Scrap Catalytic Converter Heartbeat $399

File #: 46744
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